Typical Usage

The following table is provided to assist you in estimating the monthly data quota you may require, based on your internet usage habits. These numbers are approximations only. Customers can accurately monitor usage online from our members page

General Internet Usage Statistics
General Internet browsing 50MB per hour
Social media (e.g. Reddit/Facebook) 60MB per hour
Email 50 kbytes each (without attachments)
Email with attachments 2-10Mb each
Online gaming 200MB per hour
YouTube in 720p 500MB per hour
VoIP phone 20MB per hour
Video chat (e.g. Facetime/Skype) 50 Mbytes per hour
Stream radio stations 30 Mbytes per hour
Video downloads 1GB per movie
Itunes Music downloads 4MB per track


Please note that the above are rough estimates only, and will vary greatly depending on resolution and file sizes. It is also important to take into account multiple users that may be sharing the same connection in a household or business environment.