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We pride ourselves on providing the best in local technical support to all of our customers. Our Adelaide based support team are happy to help you with any questions relating to our plans or technical issues you may have with NuSkope service. We are here to help!



Most broadband faults can be repaired from home in just a few short steps without any technical knowledge at all. Below are a few common faults and the solutions on how to fix the problem.

My internet connection has gone down.

There can be a number of reasons but the most common are easily fixed. The first thing to do is to power-cycle your POE power supply by switching it off at the power point for 30 seconds. It will take about 2-4 minutes for the connection to come back online.

My internet connection is unstable and cuts in and out.

This is normally caused by a poor signal to your home and is sometimes noticed after a severe storm. Your wireless antenna may have been blown in the wind and may require realignment.
Trees that have grown over time may now be blocking the signal to your aerial. Your trees may need to be trimmed to allow the wireless signal to your aerial. Note: Wireless broadband needs a clear line of sight from your home to our  towers.

My internet connection is running very slow

The first thing to do is to power-cycle your POE power supply by switching it off at the power point for 30 seconds. (it will take up to 5 minutes to reboot) If this does not resolve the problem check with a hard wired connection (dont use your wifi. Plug into the modem/POE adapter directly. Home WiFi can be problematic. In some cases during peak traffic usage (normally between 5 - 10pm and school holidays) you may notice a slight drop in speed. This is normal, but if you notice that it is always slow then please contact us.

We often have power surges that affects my connection, can I fix this?

If you live in an area that is prone to power fluctuations then you can install a small UPS (Backup power supply) that plugs into your wireless equipment. This will protect your equipment from small power surges and provide a battery backup for a short period of time. A UPS can be purchased from most electronic stores, we use MSY computers.

Email server settings
Incoming Mail Server Outgoing Mail Server * Username

* you need to tick the box ‘my server requires Authentication’ normally located on the servers tab our outgoing email settings

I have tried all of the above and it hasn't worked - what can I do now?

If you need further help, please either email us with a fault description on or call us on 1800 10 12 10

Superloop Remote Support

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