Who is NuSkope?

NuSkope is an Internet Service Provider based in South Australia that specialises in high-speed Fixed Wireless broadband. Unlike other Internet Service Providers, NuSkope owns their entire network, it's completely separate from National Broadband Network (NBN) and is not dependent on the local telephone exchange carrier, phone wires, or cables.

NuSkope Fixed Wireless

How does NuSkope Fixed Wireless work?

NuSkope fixed wireless uses Line-of-Sight Point-to-Point and Point-to-multipoint radio technology. A radio dish is mounted to the roof of a premises and is faced in the direction of a nearby NuSkope Internet radio tower, and if the line-of-sight is clear with no obstructions, a high-speed internet service is delivered to the premises.

The data is the delivered into the premises by an Ethernet lead-in cable to an internal data wall socket. A Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) adapter is then connected to the wall socket to power the dish and retrieve the data. A standard home WiFi router is then connected to the PoE adapter to broadcast the data throughout the house, or to connect devices to physically with an Ethernet LAN cable.

What are the NuSkope Fixed Wireless plans, prices, and setup costs?

You can view the NuSkope Residential Fixed Wireless plans here, or you can view the NuSkope Business Fixed Wireless plans here. If you’re enquiring about a business service not covered by the plans and prices on our business page, you can send a business service enquiry to business-sales@nuskope.com.au.

What does a NuSkope Residential Fixed Wireless installation look like?

The installation may differ in look based on the roof type, and the height of the mount. Below are the most common types of installation;

Standard installation Standard installation
4m installation 4m Installation

My fixed wireless speeds are going slow, what's going on?

If you're experiencing slow speeds on devices connected to the router both by WiFi and Ethernet LAN cable, you may be experiencing a fault condition, we suggest contacting NuSkope technical support in this instance. You can contact us on 1800 733 418.

If you are experiencing slow speeds over WiFi, but normal speeds with an Ethernet LAN cable, you may be experiencing local WiFi interference from neighbouring WiFi routers, there are self-help documents in the NuSkope member's portal you can follow in an attempt to resolve your issue, otherwise you can call the NuSkope support team for advice on how to reduce the effects of local WiFi interference.

Is my address serviceable by NuSkope Fixed Wireless?

You can check our online coverage map here. The coverage map is used as a guide to determine the likeliness of a service being available, you can contact NuSkope sales to confirm the coverage map results.


What are the NuSkope NBN, prices, and setup costs?

You can view the NuSkope Residential NBN plans, and prices here.

Accounts & Billing

How do I pay my invoice?

You can pay via online banking (BPAY or EFT) using the NuSkope banking details located at the bottom of your invoice. Alternatively, you can pay your invoice online with a credit or debit card through the NuSkope members section located here.

If you're unable to process your payments online, you can call NuSkope billing on 08 7123 2901 or 1800 733 418 and request to make payment with a credit or debit card over the phone.

I paid my invoice, but it is still showing due/overdue in the online members section, what do I do?

If you have made a payment via BPAY or EFT, this payment may take up to 5 business days to clear and apply to your account. If your invoice is still overdue after this time, it may be that the details used on the transfer were incorrectly entered. In this case, send a copy of the online receipt and a description of your issue to accounts@nuskope.com.au.

How do I disconnect my NuSkope Fixed Wireless or NBN Service?

You can give NuSkope a call on 08 7123 2901 or 1800 733 418 and discuss your account options with a NuSkope staff member.

My NuSkope email address isn't working, what's going on?

Since the end of October 2016, NuSkope no longer offers an email service to any new customers upon signup. The reason we are no longer offering this service is due to the Australian data retention act that was passed in 2015. In addition, any email addresses that weren't being used by the end of October 2016 were deactivated.

If you are a customer that had signed up before late October 2016, and were actively using your email address, we suggest calling the NuSkope technical support team for assistance.