Best Internet Service

In a world where the Internet is becoming a necessary tool for all Australians, the market for high quality Internet service providers (ISPís) is very strong. Despite only entering the ADSL2+ market recently, NuSkope has proven itself to be a reputable ISP, providing the best Internet service possible. We are also very proud to be the only locally owned and run Adelaide ISP, based here in South Australia, making us the first choice as the best Internet provider in SA.

Our combination of low cost plans, modem packages and set up fees result in us being able to offer the absolute best Internet service possible. NuSkope also offers comprehensive and effective customer support, where we put your needs first to help assist with your problem. Customer support within Internet service providers is renowned as the weakness of many companies and this is something we have worked hard to address in order to become one of the best Internet providers around. We started from humble beginnings as a small Adelaide ISP, but know that we have a big future ahead of ourselves.